Brett Auston
Floral & Gift Boutique


 Brett Auston is not your typical florist. We offer a variety of services. Our customers are given these options:

  1. The Flower Bar— Create Your Own Bouquet/ Arrangement. At Brett Auston, we encourage creativity and free thinking. We love for our customers to come in and pick their own stems. We love watching all the designs our customers come up with— pairing certain colors and flowers together. If a customer wants flowers for the home or wants to give flowers to a friend, I highly suggest this option.

  2. The Flower Bar— with Assistance. We get it. Most people have no idea where to begin when it comes to flowers and bouquets. There is always a staff member nearby to help you create a beautiful arrangement.

  3. Custom Designs— Brett McFarland is a floral designer who studied at Flower School of New York and has trained under some of the most influential and well known designers in the Floral Industry. Every arrangement she designs is truly a work of art and she never replicates her designs. If you order a custom design, it will truly be customized for you with the thought and consideration of the recipient in mind.

  4. Events and Weddings— Since every event, party, and wedding is different, these require consultations that must be scheduled in advanced.

We work with “luxury blooms” and use flowers of high quality. We buy local when the flowers are available, but we have flowers overnighted from all over the world to ensure we have the freshest and most unique flowers in the area. Our prices tend to be a little bit more expensive than our competitors due to our unique inventory.